Natalie is a skincare expert, who advocates mature skin and has a penchant for anything skin and skincare related.


Championing skin barrier health as the main way to combat premature signs of ageing, Natalie’s content hosts honest reviews in amongst a wealth of knowledge and personable anecdotes.


Having had a passion for skincare as long as she can remember, Natalie’s love only grew more after her diagnosis of Rosacea in her early 30s, and after showing signs of premature ageing. Wanting to learn more to help target these concerns Natalie began trailing products and sharing her knowledge to educate others. 


In a target market often neglected by the skincare industry, with young skin featuring in the marketing for many anti-ageing products, Natalie is a go-to for many, and someone who resonates to a large market who often feel left behind by the industry. 


Natalie always tries to make her page as inclusive as possible, with content focusing on targeting specific concerns, product trailing/reviews, ingredient breakdowns and showing products for all budgets.

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