Kimberley loves to travel and try new things such as food, sports/activities and most importantly skincare and beauty products.  


Her passion for skincare started in her early teens, realising that no other thing could make her look and feel as good as skincare did. 


Kimberley enjoys experimenting and trying new products that she can recommend to her audience. She finds the whole process of seeing what works best for her skin intriguing, and loves finding a product that makes her feel good not only on the outside, but on the inside too. 


Starting her page in lockdown, Kimberley has built a strong community on her page, and loves sharing her knowledge and recommendations with her audience, as well as seeing their incredible results!


As well as starting her page in lockdown, Kimberley began to grow out her hair. With her incredible hair now going down to her knees, she loves trying new haircare products to nourish her locks.


A natural-born creative, Kimberley’s content allows her to tap into a part of her that she slowly lost connection with through growing up into the adult world. During lockdown, her page became her creative outlet which helped to keep her grounded. Content creation quickly became her passion, sharing skincare as well as other lifestyle content.

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