Maria Fowler, an amazing Mother to her 2 daughters, Evie 4 years old, Nellie 8, and Wife to Kelvin. She is more formally known for her appearance on ITVBe’s TOWIE, but strategically took time away from reality TV to go on a journey of self-growth, and we successfully worked on making her a true influencer working with a wide range of heritage brands.
Maria has since gone on to make a name for herself and has become a well known face in the Mummy Instagram world, a big advocate for mental health, self-love enthusiast and advocate for realistic female body image. She wants to continue spreading awareness on body positivity and uses her large following to show honest pictures of herself as the relatable mum.
Her Instagram is a place of female empowerment and where she unendingly interacts with her followers and in hand receives a fantastic engagement rate on posts. Her content consists of very open conversations and makes it a comfortable and safe space for her followers. She’s a spokesperson on a lot of the issue’s women face in our society, as well as other current social issues.
Maria wants to empower others, she hopes her own journey can inspire others going through similar difficult times, she has completely turned her life around and wants her followers to know they can get through anything. Maria is such an honest and genuine woman which brands love and so does her following.
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