Mandy is an Aussie living in London who started her account in 2017 as a hobby, as she was passionate about beauty, with the intention of simply sharing her thoughts and reviews on all the beauty products she was using.

Creating beautiful content, and sharing honest and informative reviews, Mandy grew a large and dedicated following, and has been a full-time content creator since 2020.

With a background in chemical engineering, Mandy has always had an interest in the ingredients and formulations of beauty products. She loves sharing product breakdowns and ingredient benefits to educate her audience and help give informed recommendations.

Mandy loves the industry move of merging skincare and makeup, as the two go hand-in-hand, and this is what is often showcased on her page.

Her effortless, dewy, natural makeup looks, and informative skincare routines have led Mandy to become a recognised and respected voice in the industry.

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