Amy Katrianne, who you may also know as Amy’s Makeup  Box, is a makeup, skincare and lifestyle content creator.  

As a self-taught makeup artist, Amy channelled her passion  into content creation, sharing makeup tutorials on her  YouTube Page and Instagram.  

With her engaging videos, which share the latest products,  tips & tricks, and tutorials, Amy has grown a large and loyal  audience on her social platforms and has become a leading  voice in the beauty industry. She has worked with numerous  

household name brands across makeup and skincare,  including Loreal, Elemis and Maybelline to name a few.  

As well as makeup content, Amy also enjoys sharing  skincare, fashion, travel and lifestyle content – showcasing  her gorgeous self-renovated home.  

She takes enormous care and pride in the contents she  creates and enjoys a collaborative brand process, ensuring  her content stands out in quality.

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