Akta’s passion for hair stems back to 2020 after she suffered significant hair loss. To try and encourage re-growth, Akta experimented with different products and ingredients, which then started her hair journey and encouraged her to learn more. 


Whilst sharing her journey online, Akta began to grow an online community of people who had experienced similar hair loss or wanted to take better care of their hair. Whilst this community was growing, Akta was getting lots of questions, but wanted to feel confident advising on these. So, she spent many hours researching into products, ingredients and the complexities around hair and scalp, which inspired her to embark on a 2-and-a-half-year journey to become a Certified Trichologist.


Akta loves to educate her audience by sharing her personal experiences, and valuable tips and tricks in content which is relatable and easy to follow. She loves to try new brands so she can share informed product recommendations with her audience.

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