Glaswegian, Ruby Harrigan is mother to her beautiful baby, Honey. Ruby started her influencing career as “Baby Skin” in 2018, focusing her content on skincare and beauty, with a small but engaged following.
Ruby is an extremely open and genuine person, and after giving birth to her daughter, content started to heavily feature her experience with motherhood, the highs and lows, giving a new and authentic insight into the realities of being a mum.
Ruby began her creative career as a beauty influencer, and over the years she has shared numerous makeup looks and tutorials with her ever-growing audience. Ruby favours natural makeup looks, using products to enhance her already gorgeous features. One of Ruby’s biggest passions is skincare, hence the name “Baby Skin”. In addition to her makeup routines, Ruby loves to make content based around skincare, her favourite products, and her best tips and tricks for radiant, healthy skin.
Ruby avoids the filters and makes sure that her audience can get up close and personal so she can remind them that everyone’s skin has texture and imperfections, no matter what social media fools us to believe.
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